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At Experiencing Life Foundation, wellbeing is at the forefront of what we’re working together towards. Our programs and activities are designed to be a catalyst that helps community members reach their goals and fulfill their potential.

We pride ourselves in promoting mental health through four main activities:

counseling and psychotherapies, psychological assessment and profiling (for individual / institutions), seminars and workshops, and research consultations.

**all photos are for illustration only. We adhere to the confidentiality ethical principle by NOT posting photos of our clients.

(children, adolescence, and adults)

We provide counseling services in various settings (individual, couple, family) for wide ranges of psychological concerns. Whether you have been diagnosed with certain psychological disorders or you simply want to improve yourself, having a counseling session is definitely something that can change your life. We cater both online and onsite sessions.

Our counseling services accept both self- and company- referral clients.


Utilising validated testing tools, we provide wide arrays of psychological test for various needs, such as: IQ test, school readiness test, interest/aptitude test, or clinical comprehensive profiling test. 


Some tests are now available to be administered online.


 Our service is dedicated to assist individuals questioning whether marriage is for them and for couples in whatever point of relationship departure. Whether you are in the planning stage or at any point of your marriage, we would assist you in getting to know yourself and your partner better, as you shape or revisit your shared purpose in life. 

Our program will take advantage from using PREPARE-ENRICH assessment, the widely used self-assessment for married couples/couples planning to get married. 



We assist psychological profiling assessment referred by schools/companies for recruitment, potential review, and profiling. We combine our own methods and assessments to capture the most accurate mental profile of students / candidates.

If you would like us to send you a proposal, please contact us

See the list of our clients here


As a part of our commitment in increasing 'mental health literacy' to communities, we provide seminars and workshops of relevant topics to schools, companies, and/or other communities. 

See some of our activities here.


Image by Adeolu Eletu


Our practitioners are highly skilled in research designs, psychometrics, and scientific report writing. We are committed to advance research activities around mental health topics by providing assistance and consultations related to research project, and editing (APA style)  and translation services.


Services: Programs


in alphabetical order

  • PT. Alvaron Internasional

  • PT. Ardh Global Indonesia

  • PT. Arianto Darmawan

  • PT. Artolite Indah Mediatama

  • PT. Asuransi Staco Mandiri

  • PT. Berlina, Tbk

  • PT. BPR Hariarta Sedana

  • PT. BSN Medical Indonesia

  • PT. BUM Mizusawa

  • PT. Clipan Finance Indonesia

  • PT. Colorpak Indonesia

  • PT. Dentra Mitra Abadi

  • PT. Diachem Resins Indonesia

  • PT. Dinamika Unggul Perkasa

  • PT. Elo Dunia Mitrasarana

  • PT. Era Indonesia

  • PT. Galih Sekar Sakti

  • PT. Gelora Djaja (Wismilak)

  • PT. Grand Multi Chemicals

  • PT. Guna Citra Kartika

  • PT. Hema Medhajaya

  • PT. Hexpharm Jaya Laboratories

  • PT. Holland Colours Asia

  • PT. Indorama Ventures Indonesia

  • PT. Indra Loka Binakarya Ika

  • PT. Inti Medikom Retailindo

  • PT. Intisumber Hasil Sempurna

  • PT. JIE Global Permata

  • PT. Joey Sasmita Lencana

  • PT. Kaltim Medika Utama

  • PT. Karsamudika

  • PT. Kobe Boga Utama

  • PT. Kepuh Kencana Arum

  • PT. Kimora Defasa

  • PT. Kristalindo Karunia Internasional

  • PT. Kumkang Indonesia

  • PT. Liang Chi Indonesia

  • PT. Matahari Putra Makmur

  • PT. Matahari Sakti

  • PT. Maesindo Indonesia

  • PT. Mazzoni Jasa Utama

  • PT. Megah Medika Pharma

  • PT. Mikatasa Agung

  • PT. Mitratani Maju Gemilang (CNI Group)

  • PT. Molden Patra Sejahtera

  • PT. Niaga Manajemen Citra

  • PT. Otto Pharmaceutical Industries

  • PT. Penta Valent

  • PT. Persada Cipta Prima (Design+)

  • PT. Pinus Merah Abadi (Nabati Group)

  • PT. Pohon Menteng Asri

  • PT. Powerindo Prima Perkasa

  • Prima Autoworld (Chevrolet), cab. Gading Serpong

  • Prima Parama Mobilindo (Daihatsu)

  • PT. Roxy Glass Indonesia

  • PT. Sari Mas Permai

  • PT. Sinar Pangan Sejahtera

  • PT. Sinergi Prakarsa Utama

  • PT. Steinert Indonesia

  • PT. Sukabumi Tading Coy

  • PT. Sukses Abadi Farmindo (CNI Group)

  • PT. Supermal Karawaci

  • PT. Supermal Karawaci, U-residence

  • PT. Surya Pratista Hutama (Suprama)

  • PT. Tanabe Indonesia

  • PT. Tele Net

  • PT. Tigaraksa Satria (Kopkara)

  • PT. Tirtakencana Tatawarna (Surabaya)

  • PT. TJB Power Services

  • PT. Ubin Kayu

  • PT. Whakyung Aroma

  • PT. Wingohalbindo

  • PT. Zensei Indonesia

  • Apotek Kalbe Farma (Gading Serpong)

  • BPRS Berkah Ramadhan

  • CV. Berkat Lamandau

  • CV. Jaya Abadi Forklift

  • Dokter PIM

  • FBC Aesthetic and Revitalization Center (Gading Serpong)

  • Harvest Christian School

  • KAHA Travel

  • Kooperasi Warga Semen Gresik (KWSG)

  • SMA Tunas Mulia

  • TATA Group (basis: Kalimantan)

  • UD. Super Multi Sukses

  • Yayasan Kasih Yang Utama

  • Yayasan Punna Karya

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