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Sunset Romance

Singleness, Premarital & Marriage Services

Human is inherently social, with a fundamental need to belong. But, does it necessarily mean that relationship and marriage pathway would be easy? 

If you are...

  1. questioning whether marriage is for you,

  2. currently planning for marriage,

  3. wishing to nourish your marriage,

then this program is for you.

We have specifically design the 3-steps program to help you understand who you are and what to expect in your relationship, and finally embrace in a satisfying journey of life, with or without marriage. 

Our 3-Steps Program

The program is facilitated by marriage counselor/psychologist with extensive experience and certification in couple counseling and psychotherapy.

Navigating in Woods

1. Explore

The first session focuses on exploring the struggles, questions, motives, and other issues that underline the need for the program. Our counsellor/psychologist would then recommend specific assessments to take the best correspond to your issues.


2. Assess

Specific assessment will be recommended to reveal psychological aspects that are relevant to your issues.

For couple, we will use PREPARE-ENRICH tool that comprehensively explore various aspects of the relationships. Each partner will take the test separately in their own time/device.

A business meeting

3. Coach 

Once the results are in, our counselor/psychologist will guide you in the interpretation of the test results and how to best take the insights into action to nourish your relationship/to move forward in your life milestone.

Commonly Asked Questions


The program will be delivered by psychologists/counselors who are certified as PREPARE-ENRICH facilitator, couple counseling, and psychologist specializing in relationship issues.


The investment cost is IDR 2.500.000,-, includes 2 online sessions attended by both couples (if relevant) and an assessment session that can be completed at any time. 


Any additional session will incur charge at normal counseling rate of the counselor/psychologist.


Please fill the registration form here and choose "premarital services" in the service option.


If you wish to use the program in a group setting, for onsite services, or if you think of any other ways to make the program more meaningful for you, please contact us here.

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