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What is telecounseling?

Social distancing does not mean social isolation.

Telecounseling is a new mode of counseling delivery that has been gaining popularity in many countries. Through telecounseling, clients can access counseling and psychotherapy sessions without having to be physically present in the clinic. With the use of communication technology, client can connect with a counselor/psychologist in the most practical time and place. 

Please note that this service may not be recommended for certain psychological issues that require immediate/crisis responses. Please contact us to enquire further.

The Benefits

  • ensure access to the service when arranging a face-to-face session is impractical,

  • provide access for clients who are insecure, hesitant, and not mentally ready to disclose their problems in person,

  • practical assistance for clients who do not get support to access services from their significant others,

  • allow access without transmitting viruses or any contagious agents for clients/counselors with specific illnesses or when in the pandemic circumstances.

Setting Up the Connection

As of May 2020, ELF has collaborated with Okadoc in delivering a seamless telecounseling experience. Please register yourself here and follow further instructions. 

Alternatively, we also use Skype platform to deliver the service (video / audio / chat). If you do not have a Skype account, create one for free here. You can also find resources related to technical issues in setting up your Skype account. 

  1. Please complete the registration and payment process through this link. You will get your client ID and email notification after completing this process.

  2. Add ELF Skype account (username: ask_2129 / e-Counseling ELF) as your friend in your Skype page.

  3. Login to your account at least 10 minutes prior the scheduled time, and make sure you have been connected to our account (you can send a chat to confirm).

Whether it be video/audio/chat services, our practitioners would only respond to you ONLY within the appointed duration.

If you encounter any technical problems, please contact us here

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